15 Reasons to Date a Reporter

Presuming you are not becoming currently examined for a story, there is need certainly to worry a reporter’s interest.

Listed below are 15 reasons why you should date a reporter:

1. Journalists have great “B.S. radar.” They anticipate honesty and transparency — and can know the truth if it is not-being told.

2. Journalists are usually self-employed while having versatile schedules. If you are cost-free for lunch on a Wednesday, your own significant other could possibly join you.

3. You’re going to be obtaining outstanding Scrabble lover. (You shouldn’t you will need to use fake words. He or she will know.)

4. Journalists satisfy work deadlines. If punctuality can be your thing, a reporter don’t disappoint you.

5. Feeling out of touch? The time will likely be through to all of the regional news and present matters.

6. Profitable journalists (like one you’re dating) are challenging and generally aren’t nervous to take chances.

7. Connected with #6, your go out might even improve basic step. (Or ask you precisely why you haven’t.)

8. Reporters make fantastic times to parties and family members occasions, while they’re great at asking questions and appealing other individuals in discussion.

9. Your own time will have fascinating stories to share with.

10. Keep in mind that time your ex forgot your birthday celebration? Reporters watch essential details. The time will bear in mind the birthday, how you just like your coffee, and therefore vow you made the woman last week. The terms will make a difference.

11. Journalists are passionate communicators, excited to talk about tales with a wider market. They also want to notice others’ tales.

12. Reporters tend to be honest. And when you are in a relationship with one, things are off the record.

13. Reporters can act fast, redirect concerns and problem-solve throughout the fly. If you like smart guys/girls, a reporter helps to keep you on the toes.

14. Journalists get invites to swanky occasions. If you have ever wanted to hobnob making use of the mayor also regional famous people, dating a reporter assists.

15. Clark Kent. Adequate mentioned.


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