11 AI Video Generators to Use in 2023

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Opus Clip works well with most topics and video styles, but isn’t a good fit if you’re vlogging, gaming, or shooting music videos. Lastly, if you run a lot of video meetings and use that for content creation of some sort, Visla can also double as a meeting assistant, recording your meetings so you can save them for the long run. More than that, you can extract snippets of these meetings to share with your team. Every time you add a new video, Peech will add these elements along with customizable subtitles.

We know our many millions of users will love using this new feature, enhancing their experience even further. As we delve deeper into generative AI, it’s clear that we’re only scratching the surface of its potential. The future of generative AI is poised to be transformative, with its influence permeating various sectors and reshaping the market dynamics. Generative AI, like any emerging technology, has its challenges and limitations. These challenges range from technical to ethical, and understanding them is crucial for the effective and responsible deployment of generative AI technologies. Research areas focus on improving the generated speech’s naturalness and expressiveness.

The video content can then be shared directly to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. If you are looking for a powerful AI to generate marketing and explainer videos, InVideo has you covered. It doesn’t require any background in video creation or video editing, so anyone can get started with the tool. Bloggers, content creators, and businesses realize that creating captivating video content has become essential in maintaining brand visibility. With the rapid advancement of AI technology, the process of producing high-quality videos has never been more straightforward.

How to create videos using Synthesia

While impressive, the rapid growth of generative AI applications is not enough to build durable software companies. The challenge lies in ensuring that growth is profitable and that users generate profits once they sign up and stick around for a long time. Generative AI models can be used in healthcare to generate new drug molecules, predict disease progression, and more. These models can learn from existing medical data and generate new insights, speeding up the research and treatment process. Generative AI models can be used in gaming to create new game elements, such as levels, characters, and more. These models can learn from existing game elements and generate new ones, adding variety and novelty to the game.

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Pipelines enable the creative industry and the scaling up of production, whereas most of what we see today are solo creators tinkering around with whatever tools are better suited at that moment. These innovative tools use artificial intelligence to automate some of the most time-consuming video production tasks. The top 5 AI video generators that are changing the way creators’ approach TikTok, Reels, and Shorts content are covered in this guide.

Make Apps with ChatGPT and Generative AI

Everything else is spent on production, equipment, or post-production. Meta AI is committed to developing responsible AI and ensuring the safe use of this state-of-the-art video technology. Our research takes the following steps to reduce the creation of harmful, biased, or misleading content. The platform also provides a variety of video formats for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and website-based applications. To create your video, input your text, select or customize a template, and download the finished video. From there, you can share it directly to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

GIMLET unifies language models for graph and text data, allowing it to encode graph structures and instruction text without additional graph encoding modules. This model has shown significant performance improvements in instruction-based zero-shot learning, even achieving results comparable to supervised Graph Neural Network (GNN) models. The key idea behind VAEs is introducing a latent variable model with a continuous latent space and an approximate inference mechanism based on neural networks. The model is trained to maximize the lower bound of the log-likelihood of the data, which can be efficiently computed using stochastic gradient descent methods. This approach allows efficient learning and inference in complex, high-dimensional datasets. Generative AI is not just a technological phenomenon—it’s a tool with immense practical applications.


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The result was a significant boost in user engagement, profound insights into content comprehension, and an enriched environment for creators to optimize their content across various platforms. Video has long reigned as the most popular form of online content, but video production has always been one of the most costly and complex forms of content creation. Generative AI promises to make high-quality video content accessible to any business, no matter how tight your budget.

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Network Rail L&D team cut 95% off their video production time — from weeks to hours, compared to hiring external agencies or internal efforts. “Usually, our colleagues don’t jump in the air when they hear e-learning, but the AI videos created with Synthesia have sparked motivation that we haven’t seen before.” Hyper-realistic 2D AI avatars support real-time conversations
with full HD quality. No training required for our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface with powerful features such as closed caption, backgrounds, sound tracks. Create AI videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Arabic and more. Perfect for celebrities, politicians, brand ambassadors, news anchors, and sports figures.

The company plans to use the funds to expand its team, accelerate product development, and drive widespread adoption of Videofy. The company already works with various customers, including Australian digital publications, Singapore-based real estate developers, and Indonesian telecommunications companies. The revolutionary AI-powered video tool is expected to redefine the digital publishing landscape by enabling companies to create compelling, high-quality videos with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Kaiber is not an AI video generator per se, but it can generate animations of subjects in different art forms. You can enter a text prompt, upload your own image, or upload a song, and it can take everything and use its advanced AI generation engine to create captivating animation. You can also upload your videos and transform them in various styles and aesthetics. These generators include Few-shot, Image Animation, MM for Human Pose Transfer, vid2vid-zero, and others.

  • In all the cases here, the process was significantly faster and less painful when compared with handling a project in Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro.
  • We managed to produce 20 professional-looking training videos in just three weeks.
  • The platform includes over 60 languages and various templates, a screen recorder, a media library, and much more.

Explore how adding a little AI magic can help you up your video production game. In a transformative collaboration, One AI empowered AcmeVid, a leading video production platform, to integrate robust language analytics and generative AI capabilities into their system. Addressing complexities like multi-language handling, extensive video analysis, and AI hallucinations prevention, One AI provided a comprehensive solution through a unified Pipeline API gateway. This approach incorporated Whisper+ transcription, AI-driven prompt refinement, video highlights extraction, and automatically generated questionnaires and quizzes.

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Generative AI models have the ability to create new content based on a given prompt or input. For example, a generative video model could be fed a script or set of keywords and use that input to create a completely original video. This technology is capable of generating new scenes, characters, and even entire storylines. This means that video content creators can potentially save time and resources by leveraging generative AI to create new content. They can input a prompt and let the AI do the heavy lifting, freeing up more time for other tasks. Image Generation is a process of using deep learning algorithms such as VAEs, GANs, and more recently Stable Diffusion, to create new images that are visually similar to real-world images.

For example, to make a generative AI tool that can output digital images, developers scraped millions of existing images hosted on large art platforms, like Flickr and DeviantArt. Content collected online Yakov Livshits in this manner is often used without the consent or knowledge of the original creator. Open AI’s ChatGPT is getting all the attention in the AI world, but Generative AI is pretty cool as well.

More screen time equals more problems, video games to replace … – Medical Economics

More screen time equals more problems, video games to replace ….

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With Synthesia, there’s no need for complex video equipment or filming locations. You can choose from over 70 diverse AI avatars and even get an exclusive AI avatar for your brand. Another great feature of Pictory is that you can create shareable Yakov Livshits video highlight reels, which proves useful for those looking to create trailers or share short clips on social media. Besides these great features, you can also automatically caption your videos and automatically summarize long videos.

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